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Year-Round Gutter Care and Maintenance

You may think about your gutters in the autumn when the leaves are falling, but did you know that gutter maintenance is a year-round commitment? This week, Decent Guys has compiled a checklist of seasonal gutter maintenance tasks to ensure that your gutters stay clean and functional.


1. Keep an eye on your gutters. Too much ice can damage the gutters, so it is important to occasionally inspect your gutters during the winter months.

2. Watch out for ice damming. If temperatures are unusually cold for an extended period of time, ice can build up over the gutter, which can cause melted water to seep backwards under your shingles. Ice damming is uncommon in Winston Salem, but if it does occur, it can damage your roof, so it is important to be on the lookout.


1. Check gutters for sagging and cracks once the cold temperatures ease up. Even if you checked the gutters in the autumn, any small fractures can worsen as a result of the cold weather, and you don’t want to wait until next autumn to discover these cracks!

2. Ensure that winter clogs did not cause high water levels. When cold weather creates high ice and water levels for extended periods of time, it can lead to roof damage. If you are concerned about winter water levels, give us a call—Decent Guys is always happy to offer a gutter consultation.


1. Replace damaged gutter guards. It is essential that the gutter guards are in top shape before the fall and and winter weather returns.

2. Tackle non-urgent gutter repairs. Summer is the best time to fortify your gutters for the upcoming fall and winter.

3. Remove sediment. Pine needles, pinecones, or other residue may have built up in your gutter during winter and spring, so summer is the perfect time to clean out your gutter before the leaves start to fall again!


1. Clear leaves, twigs, and other debris from your gutter and downspouts. This will prevent rainwater from sitting on your roof, which can damage your home.

2. Rinse the inside of your gutters. You can use a garden hose to check for any problems with the water flow inside your rain gutters.

3. Check downspouts for debris. It is easy to forget about the downspout after a long day cleaning the gutters, but clogs in the downspout can back up the water and create pooling on the roof.

4. Look for cracks, sagging, or other damage. These fissures may seem small now, but they can easily worsen during the upcoming winter months.

This list may sound extensive, but when you keep up with your gutter maintenance, you will save time and money by preventing irreversible damage. And the best news is that Decent Guys is available for all of your gutter maintenance needs in Winston Salem! With over fifteen years of experience in lawn care and home maintenance, Decent Guys is proud to set a standard of excellence across Forsyth County.

To learn more or get a free quote for our gutter cleaning services, contact us today. We look forward to fortifying your gutters and protecting your house for years to come!

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